The human resources manager is looking for someone who integrates into the company and enjoys working there. Explanation: By reacting with the important values and showing how they align with the company, this candidate shows that he would be enthusiastic and fulfilled to work in this company. In turn, the candidate is likely to be more engaged and stay in the organization for the long term. The hiring manager will be happy to hear answers like this. In addition, researching the role and professional tasks in advance can help you determine how your skills will be applied or how you can use them to succeed in the position and highlight your first two or three during the interview. I discovered your company a few years ago and was inspired by the tone and style of your brand. They are marketed to a millennial audience that I can relate to. After following you for several years and observing your job openings while progressing in a small marketing company, I believe I am now ready to join your exceptional team and improve and drive a brand that is a natural extension of my own beliefs. They might also ask you a more specific question, such as, « Why did you choose teaching as your profession? » Or, « Why did you want to be a salesperson? » A good answer also allows you to sneak into information about your quality at the job required (after all, it`s much easier to love your job if you`re good at it). While the interviewer wants to know why you`re attracted to the position, they`ll be even more interested in why your experience has prepared you to excel in the position. Read the company`s blog if they have one.

Then, sign up for one of the newsletters offered and check the company`s presence on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Alliance with the mission, culture and values of the company Just as there are many paths to success in life, there are usually many paths that lead to application. While there isn`t a right answer, a few sample answers will give you a starting point for creating your own answers that will let the interviewer know why you applied for this position: watch this short video to learn a little more about Big Interview, then take a quick look at the system step by step, that we have developed to prepare you for your interview. Start with the company`s website. This may seem like an obvious approach, but you need to take the time to do it. Look for recent articles about the company in the mainstream press and industry publications. These articles can also provide useful information about the latest industry trends and how the company compares to its competitors. I strongly believe in taking a collaborative approach to every project, and when I saw a position in your company to join the production team, I knew I had to apply. I saw your work in the theatrical production, and your behind-the-scenes video really inspired me because I saw teamwork in action. I enjoy working with a team to achieve a common goal, and I know that my experience in production has prepared me for this role.

I look forward to becoming a valuable contributor to this phenomenal team. So, if none of the above example reasons apply, you can find yours. Don`t overlook the importance of cultural fit. You can learn a lot about a company`s culture before the interview. Many companies take pride in promoting the kind of culture they are trying to create. If you think the culture fits well with your own preferences and abilities, explain this clearly during the interview. I read an article about your company`s public relations in the community a few months ago. Giving back and volunteering is an essential part of my personal values, and I remember being thrilled that a company values the community as much as I do. This excitement grew when I saw that there was a job offer in my field here. I would really like to come to work every day because I know that through my work here, I am helping to make a difference in the community. Explanation: This example seamlessly links the values of the candidate and the company. By proving that the candidate already lives in the message and brand image, it seems obvious to convince him as a representation of the brand and the team that builds the company.

You can incorporate anecdotes into the answer to conclude with a personal appeal and a vivid picture of your academic and professional background. Storytelling can also solidify or reinforce your potential commitment to the role and the connection to its purpose. Example: « Your company`s reputation is definitely a magnet. I love what your organization is doing for the community, especially your participation and sponsorship of the annual 5K event, to raise awareness and promote responsible pet adoption. I`ve adopted two pets in the last three years, and it`s such a rewarding experience. .